IECL coaching has an impact

The impact is felt by both the individual and organisation with measurable outcomes well defined. Our unique pre and post evaluation of coaching engagements shows significant uplift in performance and well-being, excellent coaching experience scores and world-class Net Promoter Score of 80.30.

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Coaching Outcomes

  • Improved performance
  • Greater resilience and well-being
  • Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Increased curiosity, openness, insight and creativity
  • Improved strategic thinking and perspective taking capacity
  • Greater decision-making capability
  • Improved communication
  • Improved ability to build strong, high trust relationships

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Why IECL coaching?

  • Results! – Put simply, IECL coaches consistently get results. Our evaluation data speaks for itself. Excellent results across the board from goal attainment to wellbeing measures, ratings of the coaching experience and a world class recommendation (NPS).
  • Coaching Capability – IECL coaches are examined beyond their CV with a rigorous coaching capability assessment against ICF competencies. They all commit to supervision and ongoing professional development.
  • Coaching Experience – IECL maintain exceptionally high standards in terms of both coach specific training and coaching hours accumulated over a number of years, industries and leader levels.
  • Business Experience – IECL coaches bring a depth and breadth of business experience. Through their own leadership careers, they’ve developed a deep understanding of organisational system dynamics.
  • Presence and Adaptability – Coaching presence creates the relational authority for developmental and transformative work to become possible. An IECL coach’s presence and adaptability is what makes their skills and experience work so powerfully.
  • Ease of Doing Business – At IECL we appreciate working with coaches who not only get results but are also easy to do business with. This includes responsiveness, on time reporting and adding value every step of the way.

What differentiates IECL coaches?

  • Results
  • Coaching Capability
  • Coaching Experience
  • Business Experience
  • Presence and Adaptability
  • Ease of Doing Business

IECL Coaching

Individual coaching

Unlock potental through IECL’s unique coaching approach to working with individuals. Whether the focus be on improved performance for immediate impact, developmental coaching for sustained behaviour change or advanced coaching for complex engagements at the most senior levels of the organisation – IECL has the team, the evidence based approach and proven results to meet your requirements.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from those who’ve worked with an IECL coach: ‘“It was incredible. Forcing me to think differently and embracing change. Life saver.” “Coaching helped me to order my goals, priorities and thinking during a difficult time.” “Excellent coaching experience that helped get me from a very difficult position to a much stronger one. If I had my time again, I would definitely do this near the start of any leadership role.” “Coaching sessions were excellent and helped me to identify the kind of leader I want to be”

Team coaching

Team Coaching improves both team performance and team process resulting in a team which is better able to learn and adapt together. Team Coaching is an incredibly impactful way to support new teams, teams whose expectations or stakeholders have changed, dysfunctional teams or teams moving from good performance to high performance.

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IECL Team Coaching sponsor: “What we appreciated most about the IECL’s experience was that it didn’t feel like an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. IECL took the time to understand each individual in our Executive Team, understand our group dynamics within the team, and factor in our business landscape to create a holistic customized team development program that placed us in the driver’s seat creating our own positive change. This was a facilitated journey of self-discovery, true team building, and applied learning which has resulted in growth for us as individuals, as a team, and as a business.”

Group coaching

Group coaching is a highly successful and cost-effective strategy to achieve a common goal for a group of individuals by cross-pollinating learning, skills and insights whilst providing an opportunity for the group to support each other. Group Coaching helps build group skills, personal responsibility and lines of individual/shared accountability, it breaks down silos and builds relationships between individuals who may typically work together.

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IECL partnered with a financial services organisation to design a customised group coaching engagement to enable effective leadership through intense organisational change. Those who participated described the value of group coaching as: “Learning from peers and interacting with people that have one goal but different needs, it made the conversations and approaches worthwhile to understand and really highlighted the depth of skills and experience available to us to leverage” and “The coaching was very useful in forcing me to pause amongst the craziness and step back to consider different aspects of how I was leading through the period – and adjust elements to be more effective.”

Focus coaching

Focus Coaching supports those working through immediate challenges and opportunities. This specialised series of short, targeted coaching sessions is ready to be deployed rapidly and at scale. As a result, Focus Coaching enables clarity, new thinking and different action which creates change.

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IECL’s ongoing measurement of coaching effectiveness shows Focus Coaching is overwhelmingly effectiveness showing an increase in performance metrics of 77%, a positive change in all wellbeing scores including feeling optimistic about the future, dealing with problems well, thinking clearly and strong relationships. Coaching experience scores are also well above benchmark with those having completed Focus Coaching raving about the coaching relationship, clear goals, the level of challenge and being held accountable. Focus Coaching also receives a world class score in terms of likelihood to recommend to others.

Transition coaching

Transitioning to a new role, team, leader level, organisation or country is often challenging. Transition often brings high expectations, increased complexity, new learning and uncertainty. It will always bring learning and growth. IECL Transition Coaching is specifically designed to increase the likelihood of successful, impactful transition.

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IECL was engaged to provided Transition Coaching to 86 leaders, in six locations, over an 18-month timeframe for a multinational insurer through a period of change and transformation. Program sponsor: “I worked with IECL for 18 months as we implemented a transition coaching program to support senior managers through a time of significant change. IECL’s professionalism, regular follow-up, excellent administration process, network of skilled coaches and measurement of coaching impact made them an outstanding partner. I would confidently recommend them to any organisation looking for coaching services.”

Coaching for wellbeing

Optimise energy, productivity and performance through a greater understanding of and focus on wellbeing. As a result, improved wellbeing delivers positive outcomes for not only the person being coached but those around them. Select from IECL’s Coaching for Wellbeing packages delivered by coaches with wellbeing specific training.

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At IECL we believe there is no use aiming for improved performance if it comes at the expense of wellbeing. Our coaching engagements consistently deliver outcomes in terms of both improved performance AND wellbeing. Those we coach tell us how the experience of coaching impacted their wellbeing: “My overall wellbeing has improved, partly through better management but also not letting the little things affect me” and from another: “Deeper relationships at home as both a husband and a father… deeper connections with new and existing professional relationships. I am making better decisions for better reasons and benefiting from this in terms of time back and peace with the outcomes. I’m a lot less concerned about things I can’t control, I have a calm and confident view of the future and am excited about why I do what I do”

Coaching to Integrate

IECL brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience to co-design an integrated coaching approach to suit your business strategy and unique context. In practice, this often involves the integration of coaching in to a multitude of business conversation, rhythms and processes. One common example is the addition of coaching to training as investments in training often fail to deliver expected results due to poor transfer of learning from workshop to workplace.

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IECL designed a program to integrate coaching across a federal government department. The program brought together a number of elements including coaching skills workshops, half day coaching collaboration sessions and a community of practice. The program sat in service of positive behaviour change, a proud culture and productive workforce under the banner of a broader reform agenda. The results speak for themselves: increased confidence as a leader and increased coaching capability. One participant is quoted as saying “I loved the opportunity to to view a coaching session, then practice our skills with each other in a trusting environment. The feedback given was very useful and we got a level of experience and confidence that I’ve never gained from other training courses”.

Evidence & Experience
Based Coaching Approach

The IECL coaching approach draws on multiple disciplines, knowledge bases, experience and evidence. Theoretical perspectives and methods which underpin all IECL coaching engagements include, but are not limited to:

Whole Systems

Coaches utilise IECL’s unique Coaching Landscape model working with all dimensions of the leaders inner and outer world and beyond the broader organisational context.

Relationship is Key

HOW the coaching conversation is conducted is critical, particularly the way the coach creates the space for change and learning to occur with a fine balance of trust and tension.

Strengths Based

With its roots in positive psychology, IECL coaching has a strength-building, solution orientation which taps into the leader’s potential.


Neuroscience helps us to understand how the brain develops, changes and functions. IECL coaches are curious about behaviours, emotions, cognitive ability, neuroplasticity and the impact of an environment.

Narrative Coaching

IECL coaching explores storylines and patterns that are emerging in the leader’s dialogue. Space is created for awareness to be brought to these stories which creates opportunities for them to be re-written and then lived differently.

Practical Application & Action Orientation

IECL coaching approach is based on a practical awareness that any development must enable a move beyond the cognitive to real behavioural change and new action.

experienced and qualified coaches across the globe.

About us

IECL is the leading provider in organisational coaching with over 75 highly experienced, qualified and impactful coaches across the globe. Aside from our coaching services, you probably also know us for our ICF accredited coach training where we train, certify and accredit the coaching industry.

For over 20 years we have supported systemic growth and change in complex organisational systems. Along the way we’ve built a reputation for being specialists in individual, group and team coaching at all leader levels and across all industries. IECL delivers unparalleled client service and quality assurance through large scale coaching program management and virtual delivery solutions across most time zones.

Working with an IECL coach generates new insights and inspires action towards meaningful goals which impact individual, team and organisation performance. This is achieved by establishing strong coaching relationships and applying approaches which instill a sense of empowerment, agency and confidence. Importantly, we develop leaders who look at themselves and the systems around them (their team, organisation, industry, community) in new and expansive ways.

Leaders who’ve undertaken IECL coaching rave about the experience. The results are in:

1 = “never” and 5 = “all of the time”

“My coach held me accountable”

4.37 / 5

“My coach asked questions that challenged me to think differently”

4.63 / 5

“My coach ensured I had clear goals to work towards”

4.45 / 5

“We developed a strong working relationship”

4.69 / 5

NPS Score

The vast majority of the people we coach would highly recommend our coaching to others.

This number indicates that our counterparts* have a very high likelihood of recommending IECL coaching. A score of 80.3 is considered well and truly world class (and does not simply indicate “8 out of 10 people would recommend it” as the NPS® range of scores runs from -100 to +100, and therefore any positive score is considered good, and anything over +70 is considered to be world class).

IECL coaching has a net promoter score (NPS®) of


83% change in attainment of goals

by the end of the coaching engagement

With my IECL executive coach, I have extensively changed my leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively. Whereas in the past, a distorted self-image, lack of confidence prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement - a major stumbling block in my leadership growth and development. (My coach) quickly uncovered the problem and provided the tools I need to understand how others perceive me. With my newly honed skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results. These indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.

Director, State Government

We partnered with IECL on a 6-month career development program for 20 high-potential employees from 9 offices across Asia Pacific. Our program included a mentoring and a coaching component. We chose IECL because of their great network of vetted coaches across the region, their client engagement and their flexibility in working with us. IECL were able to find a coach for each participant and coaching took place face-to-face or virtually. We were able to engage with all coaches prior to the start of the program to ensure a seamless experience for our participants. The feedback we received on the coaches and the overall support from IECL was excellent. We look forward to working with IECL again on future programs and individual coaching engagements.

Learning & Talent Management Lead, Global Engineering

I worked with IECL for 18 months as we implemented a transition coaching program to support senior managers through a time of significant change. IECL professionalism, regular follow-up, excellent administration process, network of skilled coaches and measurement of coaching impact made them an outstanding partner. I would confidently recommend them to any organisation looking for coaching services.

Coaching Program Manager, Insurance

Here I am in dual roles with enormous responsibilities. Before the program, it would have been overwhelming. But now I feel confident and with ease walking into ambiguity and new areas I don’t know. I can only thank you for that. I am forever grateful for your coaching. There are no words to even describe it.

Director, Government

"You challenged my thinking to gain a sense of clarity in a complex world. I discovered who I am as a leader and the direction for our organisational culture."

Vice President, Information Services

What does coaching enable?

  • Improves both performance and wellbeing.
  • Provides the space for leaders to hit the pause button, reassess, make decisions, commit to new action and move forward with clarity. 
  • Enables leaders to think more clearly and deal with problems more effectively. 
  • Helps leaders feel more relaxed and optimistic.
  • Encourages leaders to bring more of their potential to challenges and opportunities.  

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